Russians just do not mess around. Reports emerged last night about an amateur Russian model called Katya (naturally) who’s been hired to lure critics of Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin into embarrassing sexual scandals. Several unsuspecting and outspoken critics of the PM's policies have ended up in a kind of sordid version of You’ve Been Framed set entirely in murky Moscow apartments.


The latest victim is radio journalist and satirist Viktor Shenderovich, 52, married with a daughter, who admitted cheating on his wife while also blasting the secret services - and in particular Putin's henchmen - for setting him up. Shenderovich has warned that other 'notable public figures' are set to be exposed by Sexgate revelations. Of course he did, the mucky little pupsky. He warned: 'This is not entertainment, the filming was done professionally, federal forces were involved in it. This is being done by the authorities for two purposes: to discredit and to blackmail.' Which granted, is pretty questionable, but still cool. Bloody Russians, mad as a bag of snakes, but you have to love them. More here at the Daily Mail.