After attempting to capsize the boat back to Southampton by inciting a mass sing-a-long to ‘I’m on a Boat’ by The Lonely Island, we made it back to the office and can report that the 2010 Isle of Wight Festival was a resounding success, not least because we had an actual pub to go to thanks to the Carling Local. Situated in the heart of the campsite, The Local proved to be the perfect place to kick back with mates after a long day at the festival. The DJs played party favourites late into the night to create an electric atmosphere for campers, and there was even reports of Jay - Z propping up the bar with a glass of his favourite tipple Midori, though these were quickly dismissed as nonsense. Even so, fans at both the Isle of Wight festival and our Northern Brethren at Rock Ness enjoyed night after night of music, laughter and ice cold ‘pub fizzy’ beer. Feel like you missed out? Well, you did. But never fear you have another chance as The Carling Local will be returning to the V Festival this August. Hooray. For more information on Carling’s festival activity visit