“I was 13 when I first learnt just how weird mob mentality can get. Or, rather, a lad in my year called Alex did. One lunchbreak, for no reason at all, he suddenly found himself grabbed by his fellow classmates and carried at shoulder height onto the school fields. As word spread, a crowd of around 200 pupils gathered around the marquee that had been erected for the forthcoming school barbecue. Inside, a strange spectacle was unfolding: Alex had been stripped naked and – as the crowd started cheering – his classmates had roped him spread eagled to the ground using spare tent pegs. Then it got worse. The roof of the marquee was bowed with rainwater that had accumulated overnight. In a moment of inspiration, one lad, stabbed it with his compass – and a thin trickle of water slowly splashed directly onto Alex’s cock.
And it was during this weird, sexualised Chinese water torture that everyone realised Alex’s secret shame: he only had one pube. A single stout black one sprouting from his nadsack. Slowly, the chant went up: “pyob! Pyob! Pyob!” it was bizarre – like something out of lord of the flies. As a perfectly popular boy, he couldn’t understand why this was happening. He was finally released five hours later. And ‘pyob’ (as he was inevitably called from then on) was never the same again. Sad, really.”
Charlie Frank, Via E-mail