The Decapitator is like a problem child relative to Banksy. He's a UK artist that specialises in beheading celebrities' images on adverts, and he's getting marvellous at it.

This week he's been causing havoc in New York by cutting off Shakira's head on posters of an American music magazine, and launching a treasure hunt to find a 'limited edition' copy on the racks with the altered image. Here's the full horror:

Well can she? Probably not without her head, no.

There are tons more examples of The Decapitator's gruesome work on his Flickr feed, with recent famous victims including Daft Punk, Jimmy Carr and (gasp!) Kermit the Frog. NOT KERMIT!

Whether you're viewing it as a subversive statement about celebrity endorsements or just mindlessly amusing gore, you've got to admire his craft. Here's a video of faultless job on David Beckham: