FHM's Web Game Awards 2009

Posted by , 09 February 2009

Flash Doom

Flash Doom

The ‘plot’: You know the drill: rampaging monsters, radioactive slime pits and skull-crushing ceilings populate labyrinthine levels. And evil. There’s evil everywhere.

How do you play? Back on its original release in 1993, you played this alone, in your bedroom, with the lights off and anguish all over your face. And not much has changed. Use the arrow keys to move around, space to fire, [R] to open doors and [Q] and [E] to strafe.

Why’s it good? Because it appeals to your dark, murderous heart. Doom was a landmark FPS; a no-nonsense bloodbath, unsullied by decorative cut scenes or ‘character development’. It’s pure rage – in your browser of choice.

Who made it? www.newgrounds.com


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