FHM's Web Game Awards 2009

Posted by , 09 February 2009

The Unfair Platformer

The Unfair Platformer

The ‘plot’: Occupying a niche in the web game market previously unpopulated by a game that hates you, this is a run-and-jump platformer that uses every trick in the book – including lying – to prevent you from completing it.

How do you play? You don’t, if you take our advice. But we know you’re going to, so we suggest getting a good night’s sleep in preparation, eat a solid breakfast and have some sort of feel-good supplement to hand throughout. Laughing gas, perhaps.

Why’s it good? It requires a staggering feat of memory - akin to card counting - to complete. So if you do manage to get to the end without breaking something, it means you’re a pacifist and a genius. And a loser.

Who made it? www.eggysgames.com


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