15 People Reveal The Best/Worst 'Bedroom' Advice They've Ever Gotten From Their Dad

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With Father's Day right around the corner, we thought it would be nice to pay a little homage to great dads every where! What better way to do that than to gather a bunch of painfully embarrassing, sexually driven advice they've shared with their children over the years?? To be fair, there's some pretty insightful stuff below as well, it's just far less entertaining.



See, I didn't come from a home where sex was spoken about openly. It wasn't frowned upon, whatsoever—I just never had any questions. I paid attention in health class and that was that. I couldn't fathom stomaching a conversation about sex with my pops. I think it's perfectly natural for children to pretend that their parents have never, ever been in a sexual situation. In fact, I choose to believe I'm the product of immaculate conception—no shame.

The Anti-Grandpa

That's So Not PC, Dad

Jacuzzi Jizz

That's Not Very Nice, Dad

Manicure Enthusiast

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Pretty Sure You Can Though

Sports Dad

Macho Man

Target Practice

A Dad Ahead Of His Time

Solid Logic, Dad

Never Trust A Drunk Irishman

Expired Meat

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