5 Essential Watches For Less Than £500 Each

Most blokes don’t go in for jewellery. But there is one exception: the watch. And though, thanks to mobile phones, the time is always with us, a watch does a lot more than tell us whether it’s half-past three or not.

A great timepiece, like a decent pair of shoes, can make the difference between a mediocre outfit and one that makes you feel like George Clooney’s better-looking brother.

While premium watches – the ones made by Very Serious People in Switzerland – can cost an arm and a leg (and a wrist), there are plenty of less expensive models that will do the job just as well.

Here are five watches for five occasions that every man will experience at some point or another...

01  The job interview watch

£270,  Uniform Wares M37
You might spend your weekends on the sofa watching videos of cats falling off stuff, but when you step into that interview room, the big shot whose job you’ll eventually take wants to see that you’re serious. This minimal, battery-powered watch from UK brand Uniform Wares does the job nicely.

02  The date watch

£399,  Christopher Ward Malvern Slimline
Evening watches should be toned down and simple, but a bit more dressy than your standard work day one. This hand-wound model from UK brand Christopher Ward is super-smart, and will look great peeping from under your shirt cuff. You’ve basically pulled already.

03  The holiday watch

£318.50,  Lew & Huey Orthos
When you’re abroad, you need a watch that can do the business both on the beach and in the rough pub you go in to watch Premier League matches. This retro timepiece, powered by a self-winding Seiko movement, not only looks amazing but is waterproof to 300m.

04  The everyday watch

£79,  Seiko 5

The Seiko 5, in all its many flavours, is the Petr Cech of the timekeeping world – it just won’t let you down. With its classic looks and self-winding movement, it’s just the thing for when you’re not sure what watch to wear. Incredible price, too.

05  The tough-guy watch

£175,  MWC Automatic
Yeah, you’d refuse a fight with your own shadow, but you still want to give the impression that you’re a bit 'tasty' and that you 'know people'. This self-winding military watch from MWC delivers on this score, while the red/white/blue strap has the air of the French Foreign Legion about it. Don’t mess.


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