5 Instagram Watch Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

No one really needs a watch.

But then again, no one really needs a great pair of trainers, a gigantic barbecue in the back garden or an Aston Martin in the garage.

For some reason, watches have the same effect on most men that expensive shoes appear have on some ladies. And if you really want to gawp at luxurious timepieces, the best place to do so is on Instagram.

Check out FHM’s favourite Instagram watch accounts. Just don’t get too jealous, yeah?


The king of watch brands inspires plenty of Instagram love, but this is our fave feed. Crammed with models like the Submariner and GMT Master, it’ll have your wrist twitching with excitement.


An accessible but varied feed that features a selection of affordable watches. If you’re looking to start a collection – and you’re not absolutely stacked – this is the place to get inspired.


Are you bad? Like, Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction bad? Then follow Bamford Watch Department, which customises models from the likes of Rolex and Audemars Piguet. Usually in badass black.


A photo posted by Paul David Maudsley (@pauldavidmaudsley) on

The Instagram account of a watch auctioneer, this guy’s feed is a mix of ultra-rare timepieces and vintage sports cars. Can you imagine how good-looking his wife is? Lucky sod.


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