5 Things You Have To Do (And 5 Things You Should Never Do) If You Want To Win Valentine’s Day

Don't want to wind up miserable, single or covered in the contents of your girlfriend's drink on Valentine's Day, then it's probably best you pay attention to female pick up artist Kezia Noble and her very, very wise advice...

01  Don’t go out for dinner

“Dinner in a restaurant packed with other romantic couples can make the atmosphere feel very forced and awkward,” says Kezia. “Surprise her instead with a home cooked meal that she will know took you ALL day to prepare.” You don’t have to worry about it being incredible, though. “She's probably not with you for your culinary skills.”

02  Do have a plan, though

It’s risky not asking your girlfriend what she wants to do for Valentine’s Day, but Kezia says it’s much more romantic to come up with your own plan. “Nothing is more romantic than the element of surprise combined with a man who knows what he wants.”

03  Don't bother with boring flowers

“Flowers can be a bit of a cliché, but if you are going to buy them make sure they are remarkable! Remember, remarkable doesn't mean LARGE, so pick flowers that make a statement or have an unusual arrangement.”

04  Do stick to the two rules of buying sexy underwear

First rule: keep it elegant. Second rule: keep it classy. And she’ll probably appreciate it. Don’t do anything stupid like buying her something you like but know she’ll hate, because it’s all about how wearing that sexy underwear makes her feel. If you think she’ll feel uncomfortable in it, don’t buy it.

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05  Do forget the card

“They’re really for kids, so don’t bother,” advises Kezia. “If you have to, go for one that’s playful. Make it tongue-in-cheek or add a touch of fun to it.”

06  Don't buy jewellery

Jewellery can be a terrifyingly big statement. “Avoid it, or she might get the wrong idea when she sees the small jewellery box. If you want something intimate, go for a classic and timeless perfume.”

07  Do make a mixed tape (as long as it's not embarrassing)

The classic teenaged expression of affection, the mixed tape, is back in fashion, according to Kezia. “Choose songs that mean something to both of you, or remind you of her in some way. Then, she’ll be curious to know why you picked certain songs.” Romantics songs are fine, but keep them to a minimum. Don't include anything cringeworthy.

08  Don’t idolise her

Showering her with vague clichéd compliments is a bit pointless, when you could be making her feel special. “Tell her something she doesn't know. Replace vague compliments with one bespoke compliment,” says Kezia.

09  Do make sure you don't look like a tramp

“A man who can remain comfortable and relaxed in a stylish outfit is attractive,” says Kezia. So, leave your joggers at home and fix yourself up a bit.

10  Don’t even think about making any false promises

“Nearly every woman (even cynical ones like myself) have a secret affection for Valentine’s Day, so don’t be the guy who ruins it for her,”says Kezia. And we agree. Don't be that guy.


Kezia Noble is the world's leading female dating coach for men. For more information, visit her website

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