7 Netflix Tips, Tricks, And Hacks You Should Absolutely Know About

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Netflix has essentially revolutionized the way we consume entertainment. Gone are the days of begging your mom to drive you to Blockbuster to rent a movie! You have everything you could ever watch at your fingertips—from classic throwback TV, to Netflix originals, there's a show for every mood and a movie for every feeling. It truly is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Question is, are you doing everything you can to get the most out of Netflix? That is to say, are you even aware of just how much the site/app is capable of? Well, if you're in the dark, don't you worry! We're here to guide you to the light (in a non-creepy, cult-sounding way). The good people over at Thrillist compiled a list of Netflix tips, tricks, and hacks to optimize the experience for users. While the list as a whole was pretty kick-ass, I thought it best to narrow it down the best and brightest with lucky number 7! Take a look—



Hacks, Tips & Tricks Explained—

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To read the full list from Thrillist, head HERE

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