A Man Can't Call His Home A Castle Without Owning These 5 Things

Whether you're having the lads round for the footie, the in-laws round for a BBQ or just Sunday chilling with the Mrs, these 5 things will turn your pad from slightly ropey to un-freakin'-believably cool.

It’s an actual fact (sort of), that the interior of a man's home says a lot about them…


01  The Terrarium

Impress your ladyfriend's mum when she pops over for a cuppa with how much you’ve tended to your succulents. Note, you need to water them once every few weeks so takes virtually no effort. Win win.

£35, Urban Outfitters


02  The record player

Is there a better way to nurse a hangover than to morph into the shape of your sofa and play some sweet tunes playing in the background? And you’ll be totally down with the kids.

£229, Urban Outfitters


03  The bowls  

Dishing our your home made marinated chicken in these Mexican skull painted bowels will only play in your favour. Not only are you a bad man in the kitchen, but also your crockery game is on point!

£29, Couverture And The Garb Store


04  The phone-charging lamp

Yep, you heard us right. This bedside lamp has a charging station so you’ll have full battery when you wake up, without actually plugging your phone in. Furniture just got high tech.

£50, IKEA


05  The screen print

Almost anything from the Dalston Print Club will look good on your wall, but we’re particularly digging this Andy Warhol style breakfast print. Put up in your living room for unpredictable decoration.

£100, Print Club London


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