Adriana Lima

Full name: Adriana Francesca Lima
DOB: June 12, 1981
Place of birth: Salvador, Brazil
Occupation: Model and actress

Adriana Lima Facts

Adriana waited until she was 17 for her first kiss; the boy then immediately asked her parents if he could marry her.

She's a devout Catholic who attends church every week, and remained a virgin until married.

Thankfully for us, the Brazilian’s chasteness didn’t deter her from modelling eye-popping lingerie for the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Vera Wang and Fendi.

Why We Love Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima world-beating good looks are thanks to a genetic melting-pot of Portuguese, French, Swiss and Caribbean heritage – while that perfect tan is all thanks to the beaches of her homeland Brazil. Fact: everyone in Brazil looks like Adriana Lima. Even the dudes. Even the really old dudes. .

Arguably the hottest Victoria Secret Angel ever – which really is saying something – Lima cemented her household-name status with cameo appearances on Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother, both of which we regularly re-watch (and press our faces against) on YouTube.

After being linked to Lenny Kravitz and, er, Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein (both of whom had to deal with her fist-biting “no sex before marriage” rule), in 2009 Lima married Croatian NBA star Marko Jari?, who is a bastard. Nah, not really... He’s probably ace. We’re just jealous. Gah!

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