Ana Cherí's Hottest Instagram Selfies Give A Whole New Meaning To Thirsty Thursday

To those of you reading along who already follow Ana Cherí's Instagram, good for you! To those of you who don't, have we taught you nothing? C'mon, Ana has one of the hottest Instagram accounts on social media right now. You guys should know better, but, it's OK. Hopefully after you finish this article, you'll head on over to her Insta and quickly remedy that situation. Of course, before you do that, you've gotta check out her hottest selfies.

Now, Cherí is absolutely no stranger to professional photoshoots. In fact, the majority of her feed is made up of them! However, we wanted to do something a little more intimate. It's been a long, trying week and we could use the extra boost. What do you guys think? Sound like a good plan? Since we've decided to be generous this holiday season, we will go ahead and show off one of Cherí's professional shots below! It's perfect for Christmas time.

See what we're saying? Cherí is the perfect combination of sexy and cute, especially in that picture (it's the adorable beanie). Speaking of adorable beanies, we're sort of wondering where we can get our hands on one of those — you know, for "the women" in our life. What? Who doesn't love a good holiday hat? It's practical AND festive, nothing better. Anyway, back to Ana — it wasn't easy to narrow down her hottest selfies, but rest assured, we think we did the job justice! Actually, we know we did the job justice. Enjoy, guys!

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