Are You Ready For A World Where Dan Bilzerian is President? It's Coming Faster Than You Think

Everyone’s favourite Instagram show-off and pro poker player Dan Bilzerian is allegedly running for President of the United States, according to Complex (and this half-hilarious, half-awesome poster announcing his candidacy)…

When he’s not taking to social media to demonstrate his continuous lifestyle of women-in-bikinis, flashy cars and dangerous weapons, he’s apparently been acquainting himself with the gritty inner-workings of The White House. See?

And how is he officially announcing this life-altering news? Well, with a wild party in one of New York City’s finest night clubs, of course. Live close to the Tri-state area? You can get yourself a ticket here.

Look, it’s no secret that he might be a bit of a douche. But you’ve got to admire the man’s ambition.

_ Images: Tablelist / Dan Bilzerian / Instagram _

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