Arm Your Armchair For The Super Bowl: The Best Beers And Snacks For The Greatest Show On Earth

You’ve bought the flatscreen, rounded up your seven best pals and have even prepared a killer excuse for being late into work the next morning. No doubt about it, you’re pretty much primed to watch the biggest sporting event on the planet, save for one thing: what brews and snacks will occupy the armrests of your favourite chair to fuel you through the almost four hour spectacle?

Let FHM and Maggie Cubbler, a real-life American beer sommelier (a posh word for expert taster) at craft brew shop Beer Hawk sort that order of play out for you…

Here's what you need to stock up on:


When to crack em open:

01  Open when… you take your seat
Goose Island Urban Wheat and Snyder’s Hot Buffalo Wing Pieces
Get into the tobacco-chewin’, yeehaw-in’, Monster truck-crashin’ American spirit with a US sports bar classic combo, just as the chest-bumping defence and leggy cheerleaders kick-start the carnival of crazy.


02  Open when… you see a delicious-looking hotdog in the crowd
Left Hand Polestar Pilsner and Combo Pizzeria Pretzel
Food envy, hmm? Let’s bring out the big guns. “Pizza, pretzels and pilsner are the ultimate American football snack,” says Maggie.


03  Open when… Katy Perry gyrates on stage
Anchor Steam and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
There’s no better way to salute the sexiness of the Californian pop hottie than a tasty brew from her home state. Pair it with a pack of Cheetos as featured in her damn good Dark Horse video and devour during her half-time show performance.


04  Open when… someone in the room nods off
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Birthday Cake M&Ms
Your front room lacking in atmosphere? Up the party vibes, bro! “The caramel-malty notes with fruity hop flavours almost match the taste of cake, making it a perfectly fine grown-up party treat,” says Maggie.


05  Open when… a crushing slow-mo injury has you feeling pukey
Left Hand Milk Stout and Kellogg’s Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts
A slight change in tactics here to slow things down a little. Prevent a full-blown panic attack with a belly-hugging, relaxing stout and its perfect partner in crime, hot fudge pop tarts.


06  Open when… your mate finally admits he’s no idea what’s happening
Lagunitas IPA and Rocky Road Mint
The only thing more confusing and mind-melting than the American Football rules? Working out what the eff is happening in your mouth when you eat and drink this utterly awesome, but totally mismatched pair.


07  Open when… TOUCHDOWN!
Rogue Dead Guy Ale and Butterfinger
“The malty caramel, toasty notes pair really well with the peanut-butter and chocolate of the candy bar,” says Maggie. “The hit of bitterness at the end makes it not so overly sweet, too.” Tuck into these as the superstar wide receiver raises his finger to the heavens.


08  Open when… you start to feel like a weed compared to the 400lb monsters on the pitch
Odell 90 Shilling and Skippy Super Chunk Peanut Butter
Want to get big like the bruisers pounding seven shades out of each other on the 10-yard line? Scoff eight spoons of protein-rich Super Chunk, wash it down with ale, and watch your muscles bulge!


09  Open when… a cheerleading routine has you drooling
Founders Centennial IPA and Jolly Rancher Fruit N Sour
If your girlfriend has walked in at precisely the wrong moment, just as your slobbering down yourself at the troupe of blonde hotties spinning through the air, then save yourself by blaming your salivation on these mega sour sweets.


10  Open when… you hear the final whistle
Brooklyn lagers and Hostess Twinkies
Jesus, you made it to the wee hours without nodding off. Forget the result: celebrate your own marathon victory with a beer worthy of a winner’s gut and stacks of sleep-depriving E numbers.


Snacks available from American Soda

Beer available from Beer Hawk

Words by: Chris Sayer

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