Badass Punk Rockers The Bronx Teach FHM How To Craft Deliciously Metal Man Food

Everybody remembers the one sandwich that changed their world. The taste just stays with you, and nothing ever manages to compare to its mouth-watering memory. It's getting us all teary-eyed just thinking about it.

But we must move on...and after working up a beastly appetite in Monster's tour bus at Sonisphere Festival,  we decided to ask some of the most mental metal bands on the planet to teach us how to build some rock star-worthy sandwiches.

Here's Los Angeles hardcore heroes The Bronx and a belly-bursting sarnie filled with enough meat and hot sauce to reduce any hairy-faced metal head to tears.

Show us your baddest looking sandwiches with the hashtag #FHMManFood on Instagram and Twitterand, each month, the winner gets a free case of delicious BrewDog Punk IPA.

Check out last week's video of The Hellcreating the most disgustingly over-the-top sandwich we've ever seen...

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