BBQ Your Life Brilliant With This Badass Tikka Bream Machine

We want you to meditate on the idea of a delicious grilled fish that tastes of curry. Stop meditating. This fish can be more than an idea. It can be a real thing. Think about that: the only thing stopping you from eating said fish is your inactive hands and arms. Let’s get moving!


Two whole sea bream
Finely grated fresh root ginger
Garlic cloves, finely grated or crushed
Plain yogurt
Olive oil
Mild chilli powder
Cumin seeds
Fresh parsley
Beer (for drinking)


Slash open the skin of the whole fish on each side with a sharp knife. Mix the ginger and garlic, season with salt, then rub it all over the fish.


Mix the yogurt with the oil, spices and seasoning. Coat the fish with it inside and out, then chill the damned thing until you’re ready to cook.


Cook straight on the rack for six to eight minutes on each side.

Here's the finished product. Get devouring...

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