Become The King Of Festive Leftovers With The Epic 33-Filling Crimbo Sandwich Of Doom

It’s that time of year when your kitchen is full of only-just-out-of-date festive foodstuffs and meaty delights. Choose your favourite ingredients from our ultimate 33-filling Crimbo sandwich and celebrate the season of eating...


Apple Sauce
The perfect remedy for Boxing Day hangover poos, apple sauce is high in pectin, a natural combatant of diarrhea.

Ridged Crisps
The shape of these is key to the architectural success of the sandwich. They’ve got more grab. It’s why they’re also best for dip.

The Moist-Maker
A gravy-soaked layer of bread provides an essential interval between dry meats. Use brown bread – it's healthier as it contains nutrient-rich bran and wheat germ.

In every seven tomatoes, there are 18 calories. To hit your daily allowance, you’d have to eat 972 of them.

Red Leicester
This cheese is mega-fatty. So fatty, in fact, that you only need three slices to hit your daily allowance of saturated fat.

Brussels Sprouts
Sprouts might not taste the best, but they do contain sulforophane, an anti-cancer chemical. That doesn’t stop the buggers making you trump, mind.

Avoid at all costs if you’re trying to stay mega healthy – the Romanian sliced meat is super high in cholesterol.

Turkey Skin
To burn off the calories from gobbling just one portion of skin, you’d have to chase a turkey around the woods for 20 minutes.

Don’t squeeze it into your turkey too tightly when cooking – it’ll expand in the oven and rupture its belly. Also, always make your own, as pre-made stuffing is often very high in salt.

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