Can You Break Your Skinny Jeans Habit?

British men are addicted to the blue stuff. But, according to various news reports, jeans of the skinny variety can actually be bad for your health. So we reckon it's time to put the denim down and branch out…

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Say hello to your new summer staples:

The Chino Shorts
Perfect for: A boozy Sunday of pub crawling with mates that inevitably ends with you sat on the night bus, alone, chanting the lyrics to Grease at your own reflection in the window.

The Linen Trousers
Perfect for: A Saturday shopping with the missus, where you’ll take an hour to park the car before immediately suffering a Topshop crowd-induced panic attack.

The Seersucker Bottoms
Perfect for: An afternoon with the extended family, scoffing barbecued sausages, sinking ice-cold gin and tonics and playing footie with the little 'uns.

The Structured Joggers
Perfect for: A day in the office wasting time at the printer, scrolling through Facebook, thinking about what you’re going to eat for lunch and the occasional bit of actual work.

Photography: Marco Vittur 
Styling: Carlotta Constant

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