Check Out The First Ever Yeezy Cleats That Denver Broncos' Von Miller Is Wearing For Tonight's Game

Image via Instagram/vonmiller

After signing the richest deal for a defender in NFL history this offseason, Denver Broncos' All-World sack master Von Miller is doing something else no one in the league has done—rock some adidas Yeezy cleats, as he'll be donning these all-white beauts for tonight's game against the Carolina Panthers.

Miller, who is signed to adidas football, is one of the NFL's most likable and outspoken players, not only playing with flair, but also showing off his personality with each sack or tackle for loss that he makes. Something tells me we'll be seeing him do dances like this a lot this season.


As for the Yeezy cleats, who else but Von could pull these off? Right, nobody.

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