Cook The Diner's Pulled Pork Sandwich With Sweet Potato Fries

We Brits and our louder cousins across the pond share a very special relationship. We may question the Americans’ gung-ho approach to foreign policy, but there’s one good reason to maintain our friendship: food.

Let’s face it, from burgers to hot dogs, and waffles to pecan pies, those Yankee foodies know a thing or two about deliciously indulgent treats. And nothing, in our humble opinion, beats the succulent goodness of a perfectly crafted pulled pork sandwich. We recruited the front line intel of Lizzy Stables, executive chef at authentic US food palace The Diner, to give us the low-down on how to perfect the Juicy Lucy pulled pork sarnie. Serves 4

You will need:

For the pulled pork
A pork shoulder, on the bone, from the butcher’s

1.5kg bbq sauce

300g table salt

150g granulated sugar

42g blitzed garlic

150g chipotle

75g of distilled vinegar

4 1/2 liters of water


For the smoky cheese sauce
125g butter

50g plain flour

550g whole milk

25g Dijon mustard

200g grated mixed cheese

1tsp liquid smoke

5 drops of Worcester sauce and Tabasco

250g double cream


For the Juicy Lucy
Panko breadcrumbs

Plain flour

Eggs and milk

US cheese slices

3.5 inches wide metal ring


Take a bowl and mix up all the ingredients from the pulled pork list above, apart from the pork shoulder. Then, in a deep metal oven dish, place your pork shoulder, still on the bone, and add the sauce, making sure it completely covers the pork.

Cover this with a lid, place in the oven at 150 degrees and cook for 8 hours. The meat should be completely falling of the bone. Leave this aside to cool a bit before taking the bones out.

While this is cooling, make the cheese sauce: in a heavy based pan on a medium flame, melt your butter, then add the flour and cook for 1 minute. Slowly add your milk and it should start to thicken. Make sure to keep stirring to avoid the flour turning lumpy. Keep whisking until all the milk has been added. Add your mixed cheese, and when this has melted add all your remaining ingredients, with the cream added last. Pour this out into a container and set aside.

Lift the pork out of the juices and on to a chopping board to break up the meat. Shred this up carefully, making sure you've disposed of all the bones and grizxle. Add some of the BBQ cooking liquor (the saucy juices) back into the pork to keep it moist and keep the remaining liquor separate, as this can be reused again.

For the finishing touches on the Juicy Lucy, weigh out 2 lots of 65g of pulled pork for each portion you’re making. On a board, place your metal ring flat side down and put in half of the pulled pork mix. Make sure there's a dip in the middle and place a slice of US cheese in the centre. Place a large spoon of cheese sauce on top of this, and then another cheese slice on top of that. Then place the surrounding pulled pork on top, making sure all the cheese is covered. Take the ring off and place your pork in the fridge to set up.

Once it’s set (slightly firm), take your pork patty out of the fridge and carefully take it out of the metal ring. Coat the pork in a thin layer of plain flour, then coat in an egg wash mix (eggs mixed with some milk). Finally, coat the egg-washed pork patty in the breadcrumbs.

If you have a fryer you can deep fry the patty on 180 degrees until golden brown and then place the patty in the oven (on 190 degrees) for 8 minutes, making sure the centre is piping hot. Alternatively, if you do not have a fryer, place in a frying pan and shallow fry – once golden on one side, turn over and coat the other side. As with the other method, place this in the oven to ensure the pork is warmed all the way through.

While this is cooking, toast your bun and place your slaw (below) on the bottom half of your bun. Once the patty is cooked, place this on top and coat with a spoon of your chipotle mayo (below). Add a slice of freshly cut tomato and the lid of your bun and serve with your sweet potato chips (below).

Take your Juicy Lucy to the next level of deliciousness by whipping up some saucy sides…

Spicy slaw
In a bowl, mix 100g sour cream, 50g BBQ sauce, 50g French’s mustard and 30g chopped jalapenos. Add 1/2 a grated carrot, 1/4 thinly sliced red onion and 50g of shaved red and white cabbage.

Chipotle mayo
Mix 50g mayo, 1/2 tsp chipotle and 1tsp chopped gerkhins and jalapenos. So simple, yet so very effective.

Sweet potato chips
Peel a kilo of sweet potatoes, slice them thinly and blanch them in oil at 150 degrees until they are just cooked through. Then turn up the heat of the oil to 180 degrees and deep-fry them again until golden brown. Season with salt and serve warm. If you don't have a fryer, this can de done with a pot of oil, but this has a lot more risks involved and is harder to control the temperature.


Can’t be arsed to cook but really want to get your mitts on a Juicy Lucy? Head down to The Diner

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