DJ BBQ's Day Of The Dead Quesadillas

DJ BBQ cooked us up his dribble-inducing, Mexican Day of the Dead quesadillas and it blew our mind. Now we want to pass this oral fiesta on to you...


“Mexico celebrate their Day of the Dead the night after 31 October, and you’ve never seen a party like it. Big boozing, big raving, and eats that are outta this world.
“We’ve switched it up from a pumpkin to butternut squash, but you can use anything that takes your fancy. There are no rules when it comes to smacking a load between two tortillas and cooking righteously, but after a lot of experimenting, this combo works best.

The salty feta matches the sweet pumpkin, while the chorizo and salsa add that hella-good Mexican smack. It’s a post-summer party on a plate, and a beast of a hangover cure.”

01 Spoon 'em

Throw the whole butternut squash into the preheated oven and roast it for 80 mins. Once that’s done, slice it down the middle, spoon out the seeds and discard them. Leave the flesh for now.

02 Skin 'em

Rip the skin off your chorizo and dice it into 1cm chunks. Fry it off until it’s browned. “It’ll release juices from planet awesome,” DJ BBQ says. Crumble the feta and coriander on top, then turn the heat down.

03 Spread 'em

Place one tortilla on a surface. The squash flesh should be spreadable, so smear a load on top with the back of a spoon. Throw a portion of the chorizo mix in, too. Close up with a second tortilla and put it into a new clean pan for a minute on each side. “They’re a pain to flip, so find a smaller pan lid, place it on top, flip the whole frying pan over, then slide back in,” DJ BBQ says. When the feta’s melted, cut each one into eight and you’re ready to serve.

04Squeeze 'em

Now for DJ BBQ's ultimate salsa, pico de gallo. Finely chop the tomatoes, onion and corainder, then add a squeeze of lime and salt to taste. Throw on top of the quesadilla and devour.

Edited by Chris Sayer.

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