DJ BBQ's Fish Tacos Will Top Everything You Eat For The Rest Of The Year


“This is my pre-party food of choice. They taste incredible with an icy beer and won’t throw a meat coma at you. Meat’s ace, but it takes a lot of blood to be pumped around the stomach to help digest it, knackering you out.

With fish tacos, that blood can be used elsewhere in your body, for raving, boozing, chatting to chicks or naked dive-bombing into a pool with your hair on fire. A perfect taco needs a non-oily, firm fish at its heart: one that’ll hold the rub hard and only let it go when you’re chewing.

Some places bread them, but bread slows you down, and you can’t be slowing down when you’re dive-bombing, bro.”


Tbsp garlic granules

Tbsp sea salt

Tsp ground cumin

Tsp cayenne pepper

½ tsp chilli powder

Tbsp brown sugar

Tsp thyme

Tsp oregano

Tilapia fillets (or any other firm white fish)

Flour or corn tortillas


Red onion







First, add your fish to a tray of cold water and set aside, then start with your salsa. You’re working to these ratios: three-fifths mango to one-fifth onion to one- fifth cucumber. Chop those three up finely, remembering to remove the skin of the cucumber first. Add to a bowl, juice a whole lime into it and chop coriander over the top. “Use the coriander stalks too,” DJ BBQ suggests. “There’s tonnes of flavour there.”  Add salt and pepper to taste.


Next up, add all the herbs and dry ingredients to a bowl and mix. Take your fish (the soak helps ingredients stick to it) and pat it dry. Now sprinkle the rub on to your fish and pat down.


Into an oiled, medium-high-heat pan, add the fish. “Fish is the ultimate fast food, and will only take two mins each side,” says DJ BBQ. Then put to one side and re-oil your pan, adding the tortillas for 15 secs a side until they bubble up. Take a wrap in hand, add a hunk of fish, a squirt of lime, salsa, guacamole and freshly chopped coriander for an epic taste bomb, so fresh and clean.


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