ESPN Released The Trailer For Its John Daly '30 For 30' And It's The Party We've All Been Waiting For

Image via YouTube

In the history of sports, there are few people more entertaining, beleaguered, interesting and, possibly, more wild than pro golfer John Daly. From his wild outfits to his outlandishly redneck, unapologetic behavior, the two-time major champion went from one of the tour's rising stars in the '90s to someone who was known for addiction and defeats.

Daly's journey truly is remarkable, which is why ESPN decided to put together a 30 for 30 entitled "Hit It Hard" about him, with the trailer being released today. It looks awesome.

Turning 50 years old earlier this year, John Daly is still knocking the snot out of the golf ball, competing on the Champions Tour and enthralling fans with his will personality as he refuses to ever grow up.

The film will air on ESPN at 8 p.m. EST on November 1st, so don't miss out.

H/T PGA.com

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