Here Are The Top-Selling Beers Of 2016 In Honor Of National Drink A Beer Day, So Toss A Few Back, Will Ya?

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It seems like every single day there's some sort of fake holiday to celebrate, but today's is, by far, one of my favorites. That's because, yep, it's National Drink A Beer Day, which gives you an official reason to go met up with buddies for a couple of rounds.

Since we all love to booze more than we want to admit, Minibar Delivery—an on-demand, alcohol delivery service—broke down which beers are their top-selling for the year 2016, and all of them sound so tasty right now.

Yep, sure seems like I'm drinking the right ones, because each of those have been in my fridge at some point this year. And because Minibar Delivery is so nice, they even broke down the top-selling beers by type.



Porter & Stout

Pale Ale


Make sure to check out Minibar Delivery for whenever you're planning your next boozefest—AKA, this weekend.

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