Can Cable Crunches Get You The Defined Abs You've Dreamt Of? Yep, Sure Can (Video)

Image via YouTube/Bodybuilding

Building and maintaining six-pack abs doesn't just take work, a lot of times, it takes serious sacrifices. And while that may include doing things like adjusting your diet, putting in extra time on standard crunches and, generally speaking, working your abdomen so hard that your body feels like it's on fire, when the results show up, it's all worth it.

While we showed you ways in which you can get rock hard abs without doing traditional crunches a little while back, body transformation coach and fitness model Lee Constantinou reveals a quick and easy way to change up your ab routine, using cable crunches to get the look you're so badly hoping for.


Remember, those abs aren't just going to show up overnight, so it's important to pay close attention to what Constantinou says is the proper weight, as well as following his technique, so not to hurt yourself. The last thing you need is some sort of injury because you weren't patient while doing this exercise.


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