Here's Who NFL Fans Voted As The Most Disliked Player In The League

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NFL fans usually hate any player who isn't on their favorite team, but a new poll that was organized by E-Poll Marketing Research shows which current player fans hate the absolute most—with San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick topping the list.

The poll surveyed 1,100 to see which of the more than 350 current NFL players they hated the most, with 29% of fan choosing Kaepernick as someone who they "disliked a lot." The signal-caller, who lost his starting position last year following injury, remains in the news for his protesting of the national anthem prior to games, which probably had something to do with the uptick in fans disliking him.

Here are the remaining four players that fell in the top-5, according to the survey:

Do you agree with the results? Somewhere, former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is smiling knowing that he couldn't be part of this survey, because you know the kid would have been up there.

H/T Sports Illustrated

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