This Year's Highest-Paid Actors Will Make You So Depressed With Your Crappy Salary

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Feeling crappy about your dead end job with no potential and a salary that pays you squat? Well, you may want to consider changing careers stat — and, if the 2017 list of the highest-paid actors on the planet is any indication, pursuing a dream on the silver screen might be the way to go.

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Look, we've all dreamt about what it would be like to be rich and famous, wondering if a career as a movie star would lead to unending happiness — and a super swollen bank account. Well, unsurprisingly, the answer is a resounding "yes"... at least for the men who find themselves on Forbes' newest rankings, which sees Mark Wahlberg grab the top spot with a payout of $68 million!


The man formerly known as "Marky Mark" who broke into the entertainment industry as both a rapper and Calvin Klein model decades ago has had a gigantic year, with his movies like Daddy's Home 2 and Transformers: The Last Knight grossing nearly $5.3 billion at the worldwide box office.

In addition to Wahlberg's acting roles, though, he and his family have a reality TV show on A+E, which focuses around his chain of restaurants. Lest we forget, Mark Wahlberg's also a spokesperson for AT&T, so, yeah, it's no wonder he's swimming in cash.

Last year's No. 1 earner — actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — didn't fall too far, coming in right behind Wahlberg with a $65 million payday thanks to films like Jumanji and Baywatch.

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As for the entire top-10, here's how the list pans out:

A pretty solid mix of talent, in our personal opinions, with each and every one of those men, generally, a household name.

OK, now get back to your boring ass job which requires the skill to stare at a Spreadsheet and talk about how Jerry in Accounting always smells like french fries.

Head on over to Forbes for full coverage.

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