11 Screw You Holiday Gifts To Get Someone You Secretly Don't Like (*Cough* Your Girlfriend's Weird Brother)

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Look, we realize that this isn't your standard holiday gift guide, but we're just trying to be realistic here! You mean to tell us that EVERY person you're shopping for this holiday season is someone you like?! That's insane. What about your girlfriend's brother who drinks too much and always spits in your face when he's talking? Or how about your fat uncle who's a close talker, and more disturbingly, a "furry". It's not shameful to admit that you loathe buying these people things, it's natural!


So natural in fact, that we discovered an entire community of people plotting the perfect f-ck you holiday gifts. Reddit user, Austin3Hollingsworth posed the following question, and frankly we're thrilled he did! This holiday season just got REAL, y'all.

"What is a f*ck you gift to give someone at Christmas?"

If at any point during these responses you develop a conscious, we recommend ignoring it. Just harness all the frustration you've felt over the past 11 months. Trust us, it works wonders.

How Not To Be An Idiot

Subtly Isn't The Key Here

I'll Take 1/4 Of A Foot-Long, Please

Straight Savage

Gotta Play The Long Game

Indian Giver

Pure Evil Genius

Perfect For Someone With OCD

A Literal Burn

And Lastly, The 2017 Special

Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for FU gift ideas because unfortunately, as you know, there's an endless amount of crappy people in your life.

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