'Tis The Season To Be Stressed Out: Quick Tips To Help You Relax During The Holiday Madness

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If you don't think holiday stress is a real thing, think again! Between the presents, traveling, financial strain, weight gain, and (possibly) being a single loser — it's amazing that any of us survive between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. All of the childhood magic and whimsy has flown right out the f'in window, only to be replaced with a giant ball of tinsel and credit card debt. Oh, and did we mention that while all of this is going on you still need to hold down a job?


Here's the thing though, you can let the stress consume you or you can take a step back and learn how to freakin' relax. The choice is yours, really. Just remember, stress can literally kill you. Before it does that, it will age you to the point that you look 40 when you're 20 (which, ironically, is super stressful). That's why when we came across this question posed by Reddit user, MorthaP, we decided to embrace the holiday spirit of joy and giving. To be frank, we needed to read this sh*t ourselves.

"Stressed people of reddit, what really helps you relax?"

These tips aren't holiday-centric, but we most definitely recommend applying them to your lifestyle immediately. Again, it's up to you guys. If you choose to ignore the sage advice being thrown your way, don't blame us when you're crying on the floor surrounded by wrapping paper and five half-eaten pies.

Drop Everything

Peace & Quiet

Put The Bottle Down


Nectar Of The Gods

Just Breathe

Stay At Home Travels

Perfect For The Season


Relax With Some Holiday Baking

Every Man's Dream

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more tips and tricks on how to relax (so you don't go AWOL by Christmas morning).

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