Holly Valance's Sister Olympia Is The Hottest Neighbour You'll Never Have

When Australian songstress and FHM veteran Holly Valance left Neighbours in 2002, we didn't quite know how to feel. Some of us were angry. Some of us were just sad. Some of us didn't actually watch it. But whatever the emotion, we all knew that our TV sets had just become a trillion times less sexy.

Dark, dark times.

But now, twelve long years later, the Valances are back to save the day, this time in the form of Holly's 21 year-old, hot-as-hell half-sister Olympia. She's bagged herself a role on the legendary Aussie soap, and we've all quit our jobs and settled onto the sofa to celebrate.*

Here are a few reasons why we want Olympia to become our new neighbour…


Her face is incredibly good at Instagram.


She also likes to show off her lovely undies.


Which she sometimes decides not to wear.


Her holiday pictures will make your eyes explode, but in a sexy, pleasant way.

They really put your 'Benidorm Banter Bois 2011' photo album to shame.   **And she's on her way to see us.** > I'm going to miss you [@shereemurphy](https://twitter.com/shereemurphy). You are such a special lady! Can't wait for our adventures in London ?????? [pic.twitter.com/f5W6wKhVpH](http://t.co/f5W6wKhVpH) > > — Olympia Valance (@OlympiaValance) [August 2, 2014](https://twitter.com/OlympiaValance/statuses/495509996377890818) QUICK EVERYBODY ACT COOL. NOBODY RUIN THIS.   **She has a penchant for sofa-tassel inspired jewellery.** Meaning that if you forgot to buy Olympia a present for her birthday, you could always just cut up a lampshade and a hanger and throw together a nice pair of earrings or something.   **Her friends are also amazingly hot.** Your friends are absolutely rubbish in comparison.   **She likes to watch herself on TV.** Meaning that if she were your girlfriend, you'd be able to sit next to her face whilst watching her face on TV. It'd be like a sexy, Australian version of _Inception._   **She understands the simple joy of whipped cream goodness.**


*Not really but we'll probably take a few sick days.

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