An Overlooked Scene In 'Home Alone' Basically Proves Kevin McCallister's Dad Was Trying To Kill Him (VIDEO)

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It's almost time for Christmas, guys. You know what that means! Time to bust out some Home Alone (1990) conspiracy theories. Before we go ahead and start throwing all sorts of shade at Peter McCallister, we'd like to acknowledge that John Heard was a great F'in actor and he continues to be sorely missed in Hollywood. That being said, he played one shady dad in Home Alone and the brilliant discovery of one fan is all the proof you'll ever need.

Reddit user, Bobcobble posted the following clip to the internet and shortly thereafter, sh*t got wild! Permitting this footage hasn't been doctored, it proves that Peter McCallister might have purposely left Kevin home...ALONE. Sure, it looks like a mistake, but maybe that's what Peter wanted us to think! Take a look:

Exhibit A:

Ever wonder what happened to Kevin's plane ticket in Home Alone?

OK, this definitely isn't enough to convict Peter in a court of law, but something is definitely fishy. Why was Kevin's ticket on the kitchen table to begin with? Why wasn't it with everyone else's? Did someone plant it there?! Sh-t, did Peter have an accomplice? We just have so many questions. Until a few minutes ago, Home Alone was a childhood favorite. Now it's like an episode of True Detective and the rest of the internet agrees. Check out a few of these theories:

Guys, we really don't want to taint anyone's childhood here, but Peter McCallister tried to murder his son. What other explanation can there possibly be? It's a sad day for Christmas movies everywhere. We think we're going to need to take some time to get over this one. Looks like we'll be forced to watch freakin' Elf this year — blegh, garbage.

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit and good luck not getting lost in this blackhole of conspiracy theories about nearly 30-old Christmas movie.

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