How To Be A Man When You Go To The Barber

We don’t mean to whine, but sometimes being a guy is tricky. Here’s our indispensable guide to acting like a man when the going gets tough...

How old are you? Are you under 25? Well, you’re still at the age where you can go to the barber and say, “One trendy haircut, please, sir! One haircut that is terrible, but of its time!” He’ll start dying your fringe blonde or shaving one side vertically down the middle, but don’t worry, you are young – rules do not apply to you.

Are you over 25? Then ask for a short back and sides, mate, nothing else. No other option. Grow up. No other option. Ultimately, the only question that matters is, “Do I have enough hair to get away with this any more?” If the answer is no, shave it down to the wood. You are bald, now. You are a bald man. Hey: at least you can swim faster.

Chris Ramsey is on a nationwide tour with his new stand-up show “All Growed Up” this Autumn. For details, go to chrisramseycomedy.com

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