How To Make DJ BBQ's Lockjaw Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich


“Diets are for suckers. Gyms are boring, diets are boring, not having fun is boring. Man, life’s too damn short not to indulge in the radness food has to offer every now and again. You’ve got to enjoy your time on this planet, and I never once met a happy guy that ate celery sticks (unless they were on the side of a mountain of Buffalo wings).

"What I’m saying is, eat great food, do great things, feel frickin’ happy. Just walk somewhere, man! Learn to surf! Have sex! Go for a skate! And eat this ridiculous beast of a sandwich every now and again!

“The Philly Cheesesteak trends, bro. Whenever I do it in my videos or get it up on my Instagram, the thing goes crazy and my internet starts to fry. Why? Because it’s the greatest sandwich ever. In its hometown of Philadelphia, US, you’ll get it with green peppers, onions, and real cheap-ass cheese spread and slices.

"But because we can, we’ve kind of pimped it out with better ingredients and flavours. Screw it, there are no rules to this. It’s one messy hunk of rad, so throw what the hell you want in there. This is my version, but if you change it up, I’m not gonna come and shout at you. Just as long as you’re not eating celery.”


Preparation time

15 mins






Salt and pepper

Skirt steak

Four types of cheese (your choice)

A huge baguette/sub roll/loaf of bread

Chopped tomatoes

Hot sauce

Full fat mayonnaise

Chopped iceberg lettuce


Chop your onions, peppers, mushrooms and add them to a medium-hot pan to soften. Season them up with pinches of salt and pepper.


Oil and season your raw steak, then flash fry it in a screaming hot pan. When cooked, slice thinly, cutting against the grain. “Always cook your meat whole then cut it – you’ll get a way juicer mouthful,” says DJ BBQ.


Lay a pile of your cooked veg mix across a frying pan, then add slices of steak and cheese until melted. Slice the bread, place it over the mix, scoop it in and add the tomatoes and lettuce.


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