If You're Diving To The Depths Of The Sea, You Better Have One Of These 5 Watches On Your Wrist

There aren’t many British men who feel at ease by a hotel swimming pool.

Suddenly, the “it’s all paid for, this” gut you’ve been cultivating since Christmas seems unwise. Especially when compared to the pool boy, Pedro six-pack, whose bronzed torso is having the same effect on your lady as the Fifty Shades Of Grey book club she joined.

The answer is to distract the gaze away from your tum to your wrist: and the best way to do that is with a diving watch. Not only will it give you an air of sporty sophistication, but when your mates dump you in the deep end for bantz, at least your watch will still work.

Diving watches all share certain characteristics: a bezel (that numbered ring round the outside); water-resistance to at least 100m; and a chunky look that harks back to the original, and greatest diving timepiece of them all, the Rolex Submariner.

So, before Magaluf comes calling, here are five watches that you can rock by any pool. Gut or not.

Luminox Scott Cassell 3050, £360

So tough it’ll put you in a headlock if you don’t look after it, this super-rugged watch has a carbon-reinforced case and is water-resistant to 200m. The super-bright luminous face means it can light up your street if there’s a power cut.

Citizen Promaster, £189

Traditional diving-watch looks – a bezel round the outside – are combined with an eco-drive movement that’ll never need batteries. The 42mm-width case will look good on any wrist. Even yours.

Christopher Ward C60 300 Trident, £360

The quartz version of this UK classic is an absolute steal. We love the white face, which – if the sun’s doing its job – will bring out the tan on your arm. Smart enough for work when you’re back home, too.

Victorinox Dive Master, £770

Trust the Swiss to produce a watch so technical it could take over a small country. This sturdy timepiece boats chronograph dials (for extra timing flexibility) and water-resistance to 500m. That’s basically the centre of the earth.

Seiko Prospex, £296

Even the most boring watch snobs respect Seiko, and with gems like this it’s easy to see why. Driven by a
self-winding movement and made of black steel, it’s no surprise that the ‘teeth’ round the dials have given it the nickname Monster. Grrr!

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