Iggy Azalea Twerked On Instagram In Fish Net Stockings And The Entire Internet Got 100 Degrees Hotter

Don't worry if you haven't paid a visit to Iggy Azalea's Instagram page in awhile, because we just did and boy, oh boy are you guys in for a special treat. Now, Miss Azalea has never been shy about showing off her derrière to her 10.9 million followers and it doesn't look as if that's going to change anytime soon — what a relief. The thing about Iggy is that she hasn't been in the spotlight as much in 2017 and unfortunately, it can be easy to forget about a celebrity who isn't dominating the headlines everyday. We're sorry to admit that that's what happened here at FHM with Iggy, but we're making up for it now by highlighting some of her sexiest social media moments over the past few weeks. Guys, buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride.

For those of you on the East Coast who are getting ready to hit the hay, can we just say that this is the perfect nightcap? No alcohol necessary in the face of such perfection. If you're not on the East Coast and repping a different time zone, no worries! Content like this doesn't discriminate. Love or hate her music, Iggy knows how to work it. Take a look:

See what we're saying? Great stuff, guys! Beyond the raw (and obvious) sex appeal, it's impressive as all hell that some women can move their bodies like that. Hell, we've seen some dudes have trouble bending down to tie their shoes. Women truly are the superior species — in all ways, twerking or otherwise.

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