KFC Have Combined Two Of The Greatest Foods Available And The Result Is Incredible

KFC are no strangers to wacky ideas and food-combinations. Their Double Down sandwich (basically just bacon wrapped in chicken), Double Down hot dog, edible coffee cups and cheese-top burgers prove that. But this latest invention goes the extra mile.

They've combined two of the greatest foodstuffs currently available on this Earth, pizza in all it's cheesy glory, and well, chicken, because it's KFC.

Pizza Chicken, as it's expertly named, uses a combination of cheddar and mozzarella as the base for the chicken's breading. And the sauce.

Heston Blumenthal has clearly had some influence on this nouvelle cuisine style fast-food landscape of innovative food mashups that we currently live in.

Even if you clicked on this and thought it could only be an absolute abomination of all things glorious and food related, there's a good chance you're a convert now. The problem is that it's only available in Hong Kong at the minute and that's a crying shame.

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