Make DJ BBQ's Crazy (But Amazing) Bacon A-Bomb

DJ BBQ says...

“Meat loaf has always screamed of grandma to me. It was always the worst dish she did, and nobody liked it. But this Bacon A-Bomb is essentially a meat loaf turned badass. The first time I saw someone make the Bomb,I knew I could make my own incredible version. So I added chillies for more heat, a slew of vegetables to look after people’s health and my special 10-spice rub.

The first time I made one, I tried it out on a few friends. They freaked out – they didn’t chew, they inhaled, so I knew it was a winner. Last year I made one at my End Of The Earth pop-up restaurant in London. I went big. Too big. The thing was the size of my chest and used 100 rashers of bacon. At least three pigs died in the making of it, but as you’ll find out when you taste this, they gave up their lives for a goddam delicious cause.”



Combine all the rub ingredients in one big bowl and then dice all the veg. “You want the veg small enough for the meat to break down,” DJ BBQ says. “This veg is the basis for a great omelette, so anything left over at the end, just cook up in the morning for your breakfast.” Chuck your pork mince into another bowl, then add your apple, a sprinkling of your rub and combine the lot using your fingers.


Next up, lay a sheet of baking paper on to a surface and dump all the pork mixture on top. Pound the mix into a rectangle shape with your fists, aiming for a thickness of about half an inch. “It’s essentially like Play-Doh for adults, but even more delicious,” says DJ BBQ. Throw a few handfuls of your diced vegetable mix in with the rectangle of pork and drizzle the whole lot with a load of tasty BBQ sauce.


“This part is pretty damn therapeutic, if weaving bacon is your thing,” DJ BBQ informs us. Lay six rashers of bacon vertically on to another large sheet of baking paper. Alternate between over-under and under-over with the horizontal bacon until you’ve got a square lattice, then make another. Next, roll your meat into a loaf-of-bread shape and place it on top of the first weave. Then turn it over and lay on the second lattice. Sprinkle more rub on all sides and drizzle with BBQ sauce. Stick in the oven for 90 mins, then brush on more sauce. Return to the oven for another hour, then serve.


Once you’ve stopped salivating and cooked up this meaty treat yourself, tweet or Instagram your results with the hashtag #FHMManFood for a chance to win a lovely prize.

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