Make Double-Headed Mega Kebabs That’ll Change Your Life

DJ BBQ says…

“Kebabs boss the grill. They’re so simple, you get to play with your food and you cannot fuck them up. Meat, onions, peppers - these are you basics. You always want those three on your sticks. After that, no rules dude!

“You can go all out and make totally pimping rad sticks, or just clear out the fridge of leftovers. Here’s how I like mine, but seriously, go fuggin’ nuts.” Mushrooms rock. Throw on half a corn. Stick some fruit on there. Put a chilli on the end. Throw sesame seeds all over them. Hell, go nutjob bonkers and top them off with a marshmallow. Listen up though, if you let your marshmallows go black, game over, that’s a BBQ cardinal sin. Tend those mallows like they’re your own trouser jewels.

“I’ve had some hella cool kebabs, but Turkish guys reign supreme. They know the importance of cooking over hot coals, and will sit there all day making sure their sticks of meat and veg are perfecto. Respect to the Turkish, dude. They’re my kind of humans.”



Preparation time: 25 mins

For the lamb

Diced lamb

One aubergine

Cherry tomatoes

Chestnut mushrooms

Corn on the cobs


For the beef

Diced beef steak (ask for meat from the leg, neck or rump).


Red chillies

Cherry tomatoes

Button mushrooms

Trio of peppers



For the seasoning





Wooden kebab sticks


Soak your kebab sticks in water for an hour or so before prepping your meat and veg. This’ll prevent them burning. Then, reach for your best knife and get chopping. “Keep everything chunky,” DJ BBQ advises. “Men should eat big, not dainty.”


Start and end each skewer with a big hunk of onion. “This is a pro tip for holding the lot in place,” our grill master says. “If a piece starts to fall apart when you put it on, slam another bit of onion on there to hug it back into place.” Arrange the rest of the ingredients in a random, or calculated fashion, depending on what the hell you fancy on the day.


Your kebabs should be full now, so oil them up. Chop up fresh rosemary and sage and add to the lamb kebabs. Add freshly cracked pepper and sea salt too. Tear your thyme up and throw onto the beef with salt and pepper. Add to a medium-to-hot grill for 15 mins, turning regularly. Consume, and feel like a hero.


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