Michael Phelps' Diet For The 2016 Olympics Wasn't Nearly As Extreme As His 12,000-Calorie One In 2008

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During the 2008 Summer Olympics, the all-time Olympic medal holder, U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps, not only made waves in the pool with the way he blew away the competition to start his collection of medals, but he made jaws drop with the amount of food he admitted to eating during training.

Talking about how he consumed 12,000 calories back in '08, Phelps changed up his strategy heading into this summer's Games, adjusting what he ate in remarkable fashion. Just look at the breakdown, per Global News:

2008: 12,000 calories per day




2016: 3,529 calories per day

The 28-time medal winner—who's 31 years old now—also said that he didn't train as often, long or as hard as he once did, making his pure athleticism and God-given talents that much more absurd.

H/T Global News

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