It's #NationalSelfieDay, So You Know We've Got To Show-Off Some Of Our Favorites

Oh, hey, it's National Selfie Day today. Rejoice!

Trust us, we're usually not big fans of this whole "national whatever day" that seems to come up each and every day. Seriously, in June alone, there has already been "National Rotisserie Chicken Day" (June 2), "National Old Maid’s Day" (June 4), "National Herbs and Spices Day" (June 10), and, who can forget "National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day" on June 13?

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If it weren't for the Internet, how could anyone keep up with such "national" holidays, right?

While some of those aforementioned ones are completely insane—and there are plenty more where those came from—one that definitely deserves some attention is today's National Selfie Day, though, because, c'mon now, we love featuring sexy women, and those sexy women like to take selfies. See the connection?



It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why a selfie is such a solid decision to make. First, when you're feeling yourself and don't have anyone around to snap a pic of you, why not just turn the camera around and do it solo? Second, if you're feeling yourself and do have someone to take a pic of just you, well, that's pretty lame... so go somewhere private and snap one yourself!

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There have been some iconic selfies in the past few years, with that Oscar one with Ellen DeGeneres and a bunch of celebs high on the list, as well as the one of former MLB slugger David Ortiz and then U.S. President Barack Obama.

Sure, those are both great and all, but we prefer our favorite selfies to be of the sexy variety, which is why we immediately thought these 30 selfies from Instagram of some of the hottest women on the planet would be the best way to celebrate this "national" holiday. We think you'll agree.

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