No BBQ Is Complete Without This Mouth-Watering Mexican-Style Corn On The Cob

A barbecue without corn on the cob is like a death metal album without the word ‘bloodbath’ in one of the song titles. Just not right. Why not make your yellow veg a bit more fun and get Mexy, hombre?

Keep your cobs in their husks and stick them on the grill until they char a bit. Then smear a bit of mayo on each, crumble on cotija cheese (or feta in a pinch) and finish with a squirt of lime.

“I love Mexican corn like that!” says the good DJ. “Street food in Mexico is a load of fun. Corn doesn’t have to be boring. I do one with butter, mangoes, freshly chopped chillies and coriander. Pull the husks off, glaze it with the mango mix and then put husks back on so it steams on the grill.”

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