From Pennywise To Jason, We Ranked The Best Horror Movie Characters On A Scale From 1 To Run For Your Life

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With the resurgence of Pennywise in the 2017 remake of Stephen King's It, we thought it would be interesting (terrifying) to take a look at horror characters as a whole to see who really reigns supreme in this dark, dark kingdom? Of course, as with most things in movies, fear is subjective. What scares one person, might make another person laugh — that's just how this messed up cookie crumbles.

That being said, the 13 characters below are pretty universally known for being, well, crap your pants scary. To be honest, we wish that phrase were a joke but, seriously, some of theses dudes can lead to unwanted bowel movement induced by fear — you will literally be a chicken sh*t. What?! We thought it best to warn y'all in case you've never seen some of these movies.

13. Damien Thorn


OK, so we know it's not technically Damien's fault that all this messed up stuff happens when he's around, but damn it, he is just SO creepy that he had to be on the list — and remember gentleman, no glove, no love. Otherwise, you might end up with a little terror like this guy.

12. Jack Torrance


While there are far more frightening elements to The Shining than Jack, his absolutely mania is what lands him on this list. Watching a human go insane is a lot more unsettling than watching a human being chased by a demonic clown.

11. Chucky The Doll


Chucky will forever be the first movie to give most of us nightmares and for that reason alone, he's the real MVP. We couldn't rank him as that scary because, well, we're grown ups now and looking back that animation was laughable AF.

10. Norman Bates


It takes a pretty cold blooded killer to wipe out their momma. Actually, er a lot of twisted folks kill their moms but it does take a real psycho to stab an innocent woman while she's just trying to shower off the day. C'mon, don't you value good hygiene, Norman?

9. Pinhead


Do we even really need to explain our choice for putting Pinhead on here? Please, just look at him or rather, look at it. That's very obviously not a human, but he does look like the physical representation of a really bad hangover, right?

8. Hannibal Lecter


We're gonna go out on a freshly severed limb and say that yep, cannibalism is going to land you some acclaim in the horror movie circuit.

7. Pennywise


Oh Pennywise, we couldn't put you in the top 5 now could we? Don't you think you've ruined enough lives this year? The buzz surrounding It has been that while Pennywise is scary, he's not crap your pants scary and if anything some viewers even said that the film was funny! We threw him on here to respect his reputation.

6. Regan


Does "your mother sucks ccks in hell" sound familiar to anyone? Sure, *The Exorcist doesn't have the same special effects standards as movies today, but that doesn't make it any less terrifying. If anything, it was most people's introduction to horror (no matter what generation they're from)

5. Michael Myers


No, we're not talking about the dude who plays Austin Powers. Although, we really wish we were. Basically, good ol' Mikey Myers is a knife toting killing machine. We never see his face, his expression, his lack of remorse. If anything, he's sort of fear of the unknown.

4. Jason Voorhees


Jason's favorite past time was slicing and dicing teenagers and yep, we've gotta give it to him...it scared the living daylights out of us. The worst part? There's like 8,000 Friday The 13th movies. Every time we were finally starting to get over the trauma, a new one hit theaters and we were screwed al over again.

3. Freddy Krueger


Honestly, the older we get the less afraid of Freddy we become, but he's so iconic that to not put him in the top 3 would be crappy of us. Ya gotta give credit where credit is due, friends! Krueger really messed with us as kids because of the whole haunting your dreams thang. It was just a real messed up time and we sorta hate our parents for letting us watch it. WTF, mom?!

2. Leatherface


We're sorry, but with a name like Leatherface how could we not put him in the top 3! We say "him" loosely and he's not exactly human — can anyone who wears the skin of other people as masks really be considering of the same species as us? That's some next level evil sh*t.

1. Jigsaw


When it comes to the scariest thing of all, physical pain doesn't hold a candle to psychological torture. What made Jigsaw so scary was his ability to get under people's skin both figuratively and literally. Woof, I'm glad they're finally done making those damn Saw movies.


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