Trying To Break The Ice? The Best Ways To Start A Convo With A Stranger Will Help You Be So Suave

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Some have the ability to talk to a wall and, seemingly, make the thing laugh, but others struggle interacting with people—even those he/she actually knows. In a world where we're more reliant on our phones, tablets and other mobile devices than ever, actually speaking to a human can present some challenges.

For those having problems—or just want new ways of breaking the ice with a stranger—people took to Reddit to offer up their suggestions on starting a conversation with someone they've never met before. I must say, these are pretty solid.

I particularly like the one where the Reddit user said "I think I know you. pornhub?", but I wouldn't really suggest doing it if you're looking to make a good impression.

For those who want/need more suggestions, head on over to Reddit to see the full thread for further knowledge.

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