Robin Williams: A Tribute To One Of The Finest Comedians The World Has Ever Seen

Today, the FHM office is a sad, sad place. Robin Williams, one of the funniest men on the planet and star of some of the greatest movies of all-time, sadly passed away exactly one year ago.

His long career was packed full of hilarious comedy classics like Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Morning, Vietnam, as well as serious, Oscar-winning flicks like Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society.

He's made us laugh our arses off and he's made us cry our eyes out.

Here are ten reasons why Robin Williams will always be an FHM hero...

01  He made us all feel better about our lacklustre cooking skills

02  In Jumanji, he rocked the hipster look way before it was cool

03  He played Genie, without doubt the funniest Disney character ever made

04  He taught us the proper way to deal with computer problems

05  His hot dog impression will never be matched

06  He was always down with the kids

07  His hilarity crossed over to the animal kingdom

08  He never cared what anybody thought of him

09  He somehow managed to make a movie about an irritating green blob bearable

10  His teaching inspired us to change the world (or at least revise for our English A-Levels)

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