Sahara Ray: The Sexy Surfer Who’s So Hot She Was Named After A Desert

It’s not very often you get someone so apocalyptically hot that their name has pretty much become a self-fulfilling metaphor for their other-worldly sexiness.

But not everyone is Sahara Ray.

Daughter of tidal-wave riding surf legend Tony Ray, she’s one of those model types that manages to wrap both style and substance around her pretty little finger and still make it look effortless.

She’s probably one of the coolest models you’re going to come across, and here’s why:

She did this Instagram video. It’s probably the best Instagram video we’ve ever seen.
Her bands include AFI. The Black Keys. ACDC. The Misfits. The Cure. Rise Against. The Shins. Slayer and The Doors. We don’t have a picture to illustrate this, so look at this instead… She makes all of your #neknominations look pretty pathetic.

Even her double-chinned impression of The Thumbman is sexy.
Her dad is the world famous surfer Tony Ray, meaning she’s also pretty awesome at it.

**She likes Bill Murray as much as we do.**

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