Middle School Teachers Reveal The 'Cringiest' Thing They've Seen A Student Do And Yeah, We Don't Miss Those Days ONE BIT

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As a 25-year-old woman, it goes without saying that I don't exactly long for my awkward Middle School years. High school? Sure! I had a fast metabolism, could conquer a hangover in 20-minutes, and somehow managed to operate on 3-hours of sleep. Middle School, not so much—braces, hormones, ill-fated attempts to impress the opposite sex—I'm getting PTSD just thinking about it. Now, did I have cringe-worthy moments? For sure! But nothing compared to what some of these teachers of Reddit had to share.

GoodLooksMcGee posed this very specific, albeit hilarious, question the the middle school teachers of Reddit—

"Middle school teachers, what is the cringiest thing you've seen a student do?"

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Solid Strategy, Boys

Gotta Love That Megan Fox

M'm M'm, Soap

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Neck Sniffin'


Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Common Mistake

"Girlfriend In Mexico"

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