See Inside Aston Martin's New £1.5m Vulcan Supercar

Supercars don't come round very often. Seriously supercars are even rarer. You know, the ones that adorned your bedroom wall in poster-form when you were younger. Driving it was on every bucket list you'd ever made.

Aston Martin's new Vulcan is a stupidly cool piece of tech. It's coated in carbon fibre and gives off a properly angry vibe. Just look at it.

There's only 24 being made, but what if you've got the cash and the garage space to drive one of them home? Hold on there chum, you actually need a few lessons to learn how to drive it. It's that mental.

There's an 800-horsepower 7-litre V12 engine crammed in there that'll go from 0-60 in less than three seconds and the top speed is around 200 mph. Eye-wateringly fast, basically.

We need one, and we need one yesterday.

_ Images: Aston Martin _

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