Should I Drop £160 On Swimming Trunks? FHM Investigates...

What are you getting when you cough up 160 quid for a pair of designer trunks? Ideally, the reassurance that they won’t turn see-through after your first running bomb, and that your nuts won’t drop out of a leg hole as you strut down the shore with a sexy surfer girl.

But whether you’re going full beached whale next to the pool, or you’re on the sand with only your swimmers and rippling muscles on show, would a summer holiday hottie really be able to tell the difference between a pair that costs less than 20 quid, and a pair that would make your bank manager wince?

We asked the ladies of the Great British public to try and tell the difference between a £16 pair from the high street, and an identical designer pair worth 10 times that amount, and to establish if taking the plunge into your wallet is worth it…

EXHIBIT A, top right

£160, Vilebrequin at mrporter.com

“The material doesn’t feel that thick. I’d pay around a tenner.”
Bea, 28, Manchester

“I recognise the brand. £70?”
Shia, 26, Israel

“They’re just red. Nothing special.”
Olivia, 22, Oxford

“I really like these! I’d get them for my boyfriend if they were about £30.”
Molly, 32, Spain

EXHIBIT B, bottom left

£16, topman.com

“I’d pay £10. I can’t see any difference between the two apart from the logo.”
Jenny, 25, Cambridge

“I’d rather see these on a guy. They’ve got a richer colour. £30?”
Kate, 18, Birmingham

“I’d buy these. They look and feel nicer. They’d do the job, but I think they’re more expensive.”
Jemima, 19, South Wales

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